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At Leitner Ergomöbel, we are usually ahead of the curve, because we approach our special topics with a proactive attitude. This means that we don’t just pick up on trends or requests from users, but are continuously involved with everything to do with back health. Years ago, we started looking into the question of what a swivel chair has to be able to do in order to support the dynamic change between sitting and standing. The special swivel chair developed by Franz Leitner is a combination of office chair and standing aid. That is, this swivel chair allows you to sit at different heights and adjust individually. Thus, with this swivel chair, you usually sit higher than usual and then in no time you are in the standing position.

Mature product developments

Even before dynamic sitting became a household term and height-adjustable desks were only occasionally used in offices, we developed a swivel chair in-house that was second to none. It was designed especially for special workplaces that require a lot of flexibility. The LeitnerVario has since been tested across a wide variety of industries and we have found that its range of applications is indeed as diverse as we imagined.

One swivel chair – many possibilities

LeitnerVario2 with foot ring armrests ideal for height adjustable desks
The LeitnerVario2 with foot ring armrests ideal for height adjustable desks

Where conventional office chairs often fall short, the LeitnerVario special swivel chair finds its main application. It is continuously height adjustable and is available in different base heights. Both the seat and backrest are infinitely adjustable and can be precisely adapted to the body. Both are designed to support the body where necessary, but still allow full freedom of movement. The height-adjustable foot ring serves as a climbing aid and as a relief for the legs. In addition to this, two different seating surfaces are available. A rectangular, ergonomically shaped seat and a specially developed saddle seat shape that has already proven itself many times over in other Leitner products.

Act proactively

With the LeitnerVario you can proactively contribute to your back health
With the LeitnerVario you can proactively contribute to your back health

Life is often not only about recognizing trends, but above all about feeling in time what our body needs. Our back is very resilient and can work unnoticed for a long time before a stop signal occurs. As humans, we usually only take action when something hurts us, but it would be much healthier to find out in advance what we need in everyday life to support our bodies in the best possible way. Many companies have already recognized this and equip their offices with height-adjustable desks. However, since office chairs are normally designed for sitting at conventional heights, the scope of height adjustability is rarely utilized. Sometimes we work standing up, but in the long run this can be a strain on our backs. Because what our body really needs is dynamic change. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of a height-adjustable desk, we recommend also adjusting the seating furniture accordingly or additionally using a standing aid. With the LeitnerVario special swivel chair, you get both in one. It allows more active, higher sitting and adapts to a new working posture in no time.

Test immediately

We know the purchase of new seating furniture wants to be well thought out and is a long-term investment that you want to consider carefully. We therefore take time for you and will be happy to advise you by phone or in person in our showroom. You do not live in our area? When you order in our online store, you have the opportunity to test your seating furniture without obligation and free of charge for 14 days.

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