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Musician stool and standing aid for violinists LeitnerWipp 3


Sitting ergonomically and moving

The LeitnerWipp is the original stool with the “bicycle saddle” that made Leitner famous. It is a movement stool and standing aid in one and provides support wherever a conventional chair does not suit or where more movement is desired. It is seating furniture and back trainer at the same time and becomes a constant companion.

New York violinist Claire Stefani gives positive feedback:

“I’m a violinist and bought a Leitnerwipp3 stool in Berlin that I brought back to New York: I absolutely love it and I’m not the only one! I use the stool to help musicians better feel their neutral core balance through pelvic tilt.”

Tested for quality and safety / TÜV-Rheinland:
TÜV certificate LeitnerWipp


Movement stool and standing aid LeitnerWipp

The LeitnerWipp is recommended as a dynamic, adaptable piece of seating furniture, whereby care must be taken to sit correctly, centering the seat and supporting it with both feet on the floor. It is designed to be self-moving, giving the user the greatest freedom of movement. The specially shaped base plate makes it possible to teeter and balance in all directions. The front “rocker” position primarily facilitates an upright posture. Circling and turning in all directions brings optimal variety to your everyday sitting. Sitting in a mobile way strengthens the muscles, which may initially be noticeable as “muscle soreness”.

The LeitnerWipp with metal base plate is equipped with an anti-slip profile as standard. Only for use in wet areas we recommend here to order additionally the rubber galoshes. The anti-slip rubber galosh is generally recommended as an accessory only for LeitnerWipp with beech base plate.

Base: Movable base plate, plywood natural lacquered or oiled, Ø 40 cm, with all-over felt base protector.

Seats: Round seat Ø 35 cm “R” upholstered

Height adjustment: Easy and generous regulation of the seat height – can be used as a motion stool or standing aid depending on the lift height. Push up the lever under the seat and adjust your individual seat height steplessly.

Lift height 3: seat R = approx. 56-81 cm

Tip: For a change of location, it is recommended to lift the LeitnerWipp from the floor (do not pull the stool on the floor!), so that a long durability of the protective profile can be guaranteed.

Fabric collection: Kingflex Trevira CS, anthracite

Additional information

Weight 6 kg



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