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EXHIBITION MODEL: LeitnerTwist K children’s swivel stool with round seat – 20 % discount


Flexible, ergonomic and growing

Ergonomics, activity and flexibility are the focal points in the development of Leitner swivel chairs. Leitnertwist in height K is very popular as a chair for children or educators.

Lift height K corresponds to a seat height of 34 – 44 cm

S pace-saving & maneuverable
For active, healthy sitting posture
Ideal for children of elementary school age

Additional info: This model is a swivel chair in mint condition and is perfectly usable.


LeitnerTwist the children’s swivel chair that grows with the child

Height adjustment:
Easy and generous regulation of the seat height: Push the lever on the right under the seat surface upwards and adjust your individual seat height steplessly. The safety-tested lift column in height TWK = from 34 – 44 cm is ideally suited for use as a children’s swivel chair and as a governess chair.

Seats: Round seat “R” Ø 35 cm upholstered.

Backrest: The backrest follows your body movements just as smoothly and is individually adjustable: Release the ball handle and adjust the backrest continuously until you feel the optimal height for supporting the lordosis of the spine (slight S-shape). Then tighten the handle again. With the other ball handle under the seat you can change the seat depth in the same way.

Foot cross:
Material: High quality die-cast aluminum, black.

Safety rollers:
Rollers black soft (suitable for all floors).

Additional information

Weight 7 kg



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