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2nd choice: LeitnerTwist K growing children’s swivel stool with saddle seat – 25% discount

Original price was: € 687,50.Current price is: € 515,63.

Promote active and back-friendly sitting

The seat alone gives you an idea that the LeitnerTwist industrial swivel chair is something special. It is popular where special maneuverability and freedom of movement are required. The accompanying straightening of the spine and sitting with an open sitting angle and different positions prevents, among other things, back pain, promotes concentration and is orthopedically recommended.

Lift height K corresponds to a seat height of 35- 45 cm

O ptimal for children and adolescents
Cover DUOMESH blue
Backrest adjustable in height and depth

ADDITIONAL INFO: This is a 2nd choice special model with small saddle seat area.


LeitnerTwist the versatile active swivel chair

Height adjustment: Easy and generous regulation of the seat height: Push the lever on the right under the seat surface upwards and adjust your individual seat height steplessly. The safety-tested lift column in height TWK = from 35 – 45 cm is suitable for use at desks especially at higher adjustable desks and in the home area.

Seating surfaces: Saddle seat “S” 39×35 cm – The ergonomically shaped saddle seat surface with built-in pelvic support ensures improved sitting posture and optimum legroom.

Backrest: The backrest follows your body movements just as smoothly and is individually adjustable: Release the ball handle and adjust the backrest continuously until you feel the optimal height for supporting the lordosis of the spine (slight S-shape). Then tighten the handle again. With the other ball handle under the seat you can change the seat depth in the same way.

Foot cross: Material: High quality die-cast aluminum, black.

Safety rollers: Rollers black soft (suitable for all floors).

General product details, user, care and cleaning tips

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Weight 7 kg




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