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Even if the playground, hallway, and gym are full of movement – educators are challenged to design lessons that allow for movement even while reading, listening, and working at the table. Basically, it is important to pay attention to the appropriate height of the existing school mobile. Children grow – school furniture grows with them, not only at the beginning of the school year tables and chairs should be adjusted correctly.

PDF Sitting/Standing Dynamics in the Moving School

PDF Project Futureclass Summary

PDF info folder project Futureclass

Futureclass – School with vision

Think ahead

  • Have visions, let students help create
  • Include experiences of teachers and physicians
  • Take into account the wishes of parents
  • Creating good conditions for successful learning

Analyze facts

With the Matura project “Classroom of the Future” the students of the HAK Ried i.I. together with the partner companies and the initiators of the school project – Prof.Herlinde Maier and Hofrat DI Oskar Weiß – have created the basis for the successful company cooperation futureclass. The 200-page complete volume of students is a valuable reference for architects, teachers,and all those responsible for a healthy school future.

Holistic planning

  • Consider ergonomics in all aspects
  • Bringing more light, air, play of colors and movement into the rooms
  • Approach school renovations, school adaptations and new buildings with foresight
  • Put more emphasis on the well-being
  • Like to go to school

Acting with an eye to the future

Creative forms of teaching and new media require a rethinking of equipment and room design. We are supposed to think about tomorrow today. The school classroom should become a multifunctional learning space that offers room for communication, presentation and interaction. To furnish flexibly, economically and according to the latest state of the art means to invest in the future.

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