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Standing aids offer ideal opportunities to bring movement into everyday office life. In our diverse program we have our own developments and also products from other manufacturers. From experience we know that the choice of the right seating depends on several factors. To help you decide, we have therefore clearly summarized the most important features and special characteristics.

Our bodies are flexible from head to toe, yet we spend most of our lives in a sedentary, rigid posture. To counteract this, we incorporate recreational activities into our lives whenever possible that strengthen and mobilize our musculoskeletal system. The beginning of a sporting activity is often characterized by the fact that we feel again for the first time how many muscles we actually have, which we have not really used for a long time. After longer practice we realize that the body becomes more supple and can again perform movements that were not possible for a long time. This balance to the sedentary office routine is very important and does us good. It is even better if we manage to integrate exercise for our bodies in our daily work routine as well.

The LeitnerSpin standing aid at a height-adjustable office workstation

Dynamic change between sitting and standing

The concept of dynamic alternation between sitting and standing has already found its way into offices. More and more companies understand that people want and need to move around in their everyday working lives in order to stay healthy. Height-adjustable desks, add-on desks and standing workstations have already become standard in many companies. But often the concept is not fully thought out, because the right seating is missing. Office chairs are usually offered in standard heights and are not tailored to the size and physique of the individual person. Doing work standing up as an alternative is also not a long-term solution, because standing for long periods of time can also strain the body. It is the change between different working postures that keeps us agile. Both in the mind and in the body. The perfect addition for dynamic offices is therefore a height-adjustable standing aid that can be called upon to relieve strain as needed.

Stay flexible with the muvman
Stay flexible with the muvman

Find the right standing aid

Which standing aid is most suitable often depends on the activity, but also on which design is preferred and how intensively it is used. Many standing aids are multifunctional and are adjustable in height so that they can also be used at conventional sitting height. All standing aids have in common that they strengthen our muscles, stimulate blood circulation, train our back and thus improve posture. Because one thing is clear: those who go through the world with an upright spine will take everyday work much more easily and feel healthy and dynamic.

The UPis1 is ideal for spontaneous meetings
The UPis1 is ideal for spontaneous meetings

Our standing aids in comparison:

ModelLeitnerWippLeitnerSpin PROLeitnerStableMuvmanUPis1
ManufacturerLeitner Ergomöbel GmbHLeitner Ergomöbel GmbHLeitner Ergomöbel GmbHaerisInterstuhl
base heights available
Height ver-
adjustable from to approx. in cm:
29-91 cm47-79 cm33-81 cm51-93 cm45-63 cm
Particularly tilt-resistant due to rubber protective profileParticularly tilt-resistant due to rubber protective profileNot tiltable due to stable baseStable base prevents tipping overno rubber protection profile
Movable base, 360Movable base, 360Base fixed, 360Base fixed, tiltable forwards and backwards by means of jointMovable base
Padded seat:High quality foamHigh quality foamHigh quality foamFlexzone padding that yields to body pressureSoft plastic seat inlay, basalt gray
Shape of the seat:Round or saddle shapeRound or saddle shapeRound or saddle shapeRectangularRound
Especially suitable for:Height ver-
adjustable desks, standing tables, activities in household & hobby, as a musician-
Height ver-
adjustable write
tables, kitchen counter, bar tables
Bar tables, counters, counters, as a musician-
stool, as bar stool
Bar tables, countersMeeting-
Single com-
ponents are interchangeable:
Seat handmade
manufactured, accessories: removable seat covers
Seat handmade
manufactured, accessories: removable seat covers
Seat handmade
manufactured, accessories: removable seat covers
Easy to cleanStrap tab as design feature
times and release lever
Warranty:3 years3 years3 years3 years3 years

A special plus

The standing aids from our own production can be configured completely individually in the Leitner ErgoShop and are to be classified as particularly sustainable products, since they have a lifelong durability and components can be supplemented, exchanged or renewed at any time.

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