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Are you aware that your office swivel chair can do more than just adjust the height? How often do you use other settings? Is there a reason why you don’t use the features? And do you sit really well?

Often in offices, for the sake of simplicity, a particular swivel chair model is chosen and then purchased for all desks and all employees. Progressive companies usually let employees choose which seating furniture suits them. Why is this important? While most office chairs have various adjustment options, they are still not suitable for every body type. In addition, some adjustment levers are often so well hidden that you have to search for them laboriously. Often there are simply too many levers and users are confused. Adjustment options are therefore dispensed with in many cases, and uncomfortable sitting is taken as a given. However, only up to the point where the back begins to complain.

Prevent back problems by choosing the right swivel chair

We regularly counsel people who come to us because sitting every day causes them pain. Most often it turns out that the seating furniture is not tailored to their needs and the musculoskeletal system is not ideally supported. In doing so, we can observe on a daily basis that the wishes of the users are as diverse as our model selection. Many are turning away from traditional swivel chairs and turning to smaller models, such as our LeitnerTwist, or functional task swivel chairs, such as our LeitnerVario(see BLOG post “The optimal swivel chair for height-adjustable desks”). Some choose the LeitnerWipp or LeitnerSpin motion stools as an alternative and find that the increased range of motion provides the variety they need.

Swivel chair LeitnerVario

However, many of our customers specifically want an office swivel chair that allows them to recline comfortably and want a variety of adjustment options. When selecting our office swivel chairs, we therefore pay close attention to flexibility and intuitive use. With us you will find chairs that naturally follow the movements of the person and can be individually adjusted to the needs. Many office chairs in our range have a synchronized mechanism that automatically adjusts to the user’s body weight, making leaning back a relaxing experience. Optimal support in the lumbar region is provided by an adjustable lumbar support, while ideal freedom of movement is made possible, for example, by three-dimensionally adjustable armrests.

Office swivel chairs
Work actively and more efficiently in the office with ergonomic swivel chairs

As a specialist in healthy sitting, we know that each person needs different solutions. Many of the chairs have numerous adjustment mechanisms, are very intuitive to use and feature particularly ergonomic design.

Before buying an office swivel chair, we recommend that you test the seating furniture and familiarize yourself with its operation. Therefore, make use of video tutorials or personal advice. Knowing about the different functions of the swivel chair will make your daily sitting easier and also encourage you to change the position more often.


Would you like ergonomics advice and do you have specific questions? Feel free to contact us, Mr. Leitner will advise you personally!

Service Hotline: +43 7754 3137-10

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