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New situations require new solutions. Now, if you have to work in a home office because of Corona protections and you’re not equipped to do so, a few adaptations in the home may be helpful. Checking your emails on the couch seems comfortable at first, but after a few hours at the latest, you’ll feel that working in this position isn’t ideal in the long run.

Ergo accessories: Small helpers with a big effect

There are a variety of products that can make working much more pleasant for you. These include small aids such as mouse and keyboard pads with palm rests, footrests and other ergonomic accessories. Especially if you work at a regular table, such as the kitchen table, a reading and writing desk could help you organize your work and relax your neck at the same time. Height-adjustable sit-stand desks are also particularly practical, so that you can also work standing up in between. If you do more standing than sitting, it’s a good idea to use anti-fatigue mats to relax your feet and encourage regular movement. As a general rule, make sure to stand up more often in between.

Ergonomic accessories such as the Orgadesk writing/reading desk, palm rest, etc. make work easier

Healthy seating for flexible work at home

LeitnerWipp motion stool or LeitnerTwist maneuverable swivel chair for the home office

But perhaps you are already thinking about buying a piece of seating furniture. However, you may not have a dedicated space for your transitional office and thus not enough room for a large swivel chair. In this case, a motion stool or a maneuverable task swivel chair might be right for you. These flexible alternatives not only support an active posture and strengthen the back, but are also practical for the rest of the household and can be used by several family members.

On our flexible ergo furniture moving sitting is also possible at home!

Ergonomics consulting online or by phone

If necessary, we will be happy to advise you online or by phone and discuss with you what you can adapt and how, so that your back feels comfortable in this new environment for a longer period of time. For companies we offer special consulting packages also for several home office employees. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Even if you can’t invest in new equipment at the moment, we’ll be happy to hear from you – thanks to our many years of experience, we may also be able to give you a tip or two on how to repurpose existing furniture. Our motto now is also to think in a solution-oriented way and to make possible what is possible for our customers.

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