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NO! Standing in the office is not better than sitting! One-sided postures always lead to strain on the musculoskeletal system. For this reason, occupational physicians also recommend the use of standing aids for standing workstations. In addition, it makes sense to use floor mats, which have long been available in production plants (industrial mats).

Standing mats, floor mats

Kybun’s proven health mats have long been available to complement standing workstations in the office and service sectors. These mats with the product name “Kybounder” are available in different heights and surfaces. The special foam used has an optimal restoring force and supports a relaxed posture while training coordination. The Kybounder are proven in use in the office and in schools. Especially the children love these mats. They are thus intuitively supported in their natural urge to move. NEW on the market are now the health mats “active mat” from aeris and the standing mat “Everyday” from Fellowes, optimally developed for use in the office.

ErgoTIP: Changing the working postures

The best solution for relaxed work is to alternate postures between sitting and standing. Better yet, between sitting, standing, and standing…but that’s a separate blog post to follow. Even though I’m sure I’ve written about it more than once. This is my favorite topic especially in the context of height adjustable desks.

In a nutshell: You can best support the change in working postures with the following measures:

  • in the case of a standing workstation, create the possibility of relieving oneself in between with a standing aid:
  • in the case of a seated workplace, create the possibility of working standing up in between (desk attachment desk, mobile standing desk, manually or electrically height-adjustable desk)
  • at the same time in both situations use a soft springy floor mat for relaxation while standing
muvmat from aeris

“I think I’m standing in the forest” ….It’s best if you convince yourself of the pleasant, floating feeling on the active mats. When ordering in the Leitner ErgoShop you have the possibility to test them for 14 days without obligation and free of charge. I’m sure you won’t want to give up “your very own patch of forest floor”:

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