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Movement stool UPis1 from Interstuhl


UPis1 brings movement into everyday life.

In the office
the UPis1 is an alternative to the conventional swivel chair and accompanies its occupants through spontaneous discussions and meetings.

At school
it serves as an ideal solution for the break in between. As a break stool, it brings healthy variety to the school day. The carrying channel under the seat makes it easy to transport the UPis1.

Clear, reduced design
S implicity and intuitive operability
Infinitely height adjustable from 45 – 63 cm


UPis1 motion stool – uncomplicated and appealing

With the UPis1 you have more mobility and movement in the office, at home, at school and also in kindergarten (e.g. for the armchair circle). Conveniently take the UPis1 with you anywhere, anytime, on any occasion. For example, it is ideal for spontaneous meetings. As a seating option itself, the UPis invites movement: The multi-purpose stool remains flexible in all directions and thus movement while seated is child’s play. As a release handle and characteristic design feature in one, the eye-catching red strap tab gets to the heart of UPIS1’s casual functionality.

Made by Interstuhl

UPis1 Family


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