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Music stand transport and storage cart “small” by Wenger


The small cart for about 10 music stands

This universal transport cart is suitable for the following music stands/quantities:

1 0 RATstands Alto music stands
1 0 Wenger classic 50 music stands
1 0 Wenger Roughneck music stands
9 Wenger Bravo music stands

Easy assembly required


The small cart – fits the following music stand models from RATstands and Wenger:

  • 10 RAT Alto music stands
  • 10 Wenger Classic 50 music stands
  • 10 Wenger Roughneck Music Stand
  • 9 Wenger Bravo music stands

Easy one-man operation, double tires and the easy-to-grip handles increase driving comfort on curves and stairs, easy assembly required

Weight: approx. 9.5 kg
Dimensions: 66 x 90 cm

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