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Table frame PREMIUM, white


Table frame for self-assembly for LeitnerDesk PREMIUM, white

The PREMIUM table frame is for you if you already have a table top for a desk at home or if you want to turn your existing desk into a height-adjustable workstation.

S tepless, electric height adjustment
3 individually storable height settings, automatically controlled at the push of a button
Digital altitude display

Delivery in cardboard box with parcel service!


Table frame for electric height adjustable desk LeitnerDesk PREMIUM

Table frame PREMIUM for upscale requirements for self-assembly, if e.g. a table top is already available.

Height: Infinitely adjustable from 61-126 cm (specification without table top)

Operation: Up/Down black, collision protection

Lifting speed: 35 mm/s, two motors inside

Foot stabilizer: ergonomic foot stabilizer 70 cm, table legs cross section: max. 50 / 80 mm

Frame load: 100 kg

Noise level: < 50 dB

Recommended table top size: 700 / 1100 mm to 1000 / 2400 mm

Frame width adjustable: 1080 mm – 1800 mm

Height without plate: 595 mm – 1245 mm

Additional information


20 kg

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