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ORGADESK – Ergonomic reading and writing desk

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Whether as a document holder, reading and writing desk or notebook holder – the Orgadesk desks are versatile. Your spine is relieved and brought into a healthier posture. Eyes, back and neck are spared. The desk tilt raises the books, documents or templates and keeps them ideally in the field of vision. The desks are made of crystal clear Plexiglas ® and are equipped with a holding rail that prevents documents from slipping off.

For relaxed work at the screen
As a template holder or notebook holder
Recommended for VDU workstations
Relieves pressure on eyes, spine and neck


ORGADESK – The multifunctional document holder

Produced in Austria from crystal clear Plexiglas®. The holding rail prevents documents from slipping off. Can also be used as a writing desk. Can be slid over keyboard for use as a writing desk. The Orgadesk Flex can additionally be adjusted in height and inclination quickly and easily.

Made by GEOtec

Configurable variants at LEITNER Ergomöbel:

WxHxD: approx. 46x9x30 cm

Can be slid over keyboard for use as a writing desk
WxHxD: approx. 53x12x30 cm

Height and inclination quickly and easily adjustable
Can be slid over keyboard for use as a writing desk
WxHxD: approx. 55x12x30 cm

Equipment variants:

All Orgadesk models can be ordered with the following accessories, but cannot be upgraded individually.

with reading ruler in a guide rail

Additionally with anti-reflective cover. Eliminates reflections, allows documents to be inserted and protects the surface.

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