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Office swivel chair PURE from Interstuhl


PUREIS3 sets completely new standards for active, intuitive and flexible sitting

Not only does it allow movement in all dimensions, it ensures that people are always and everywhere automatically in action. All this is made possible by an absolute world first: Smart Spring technology. This allows very large radii of movement – even in directions where other chairs are immobile.

Perfect seating comfort without lengthy adjustment
Adapts to the respective physique
S upports all motion sequences
Backrest with massage effect
Three-dimensional sitting
3D armrests

The photo depicts the chair with fixed T-arms and is therefore a symbolic photo.

Product data sheet

Product sheet swivel chair PURE


Active sitting on the PUREis3 has a positive effect on health

The development of PUREIS3 is based on scientific findings from Fraunhofer IAO and sports medicine at the University of Tübingen. These show that as little as two hours of moderate physical activity a day is enough to offset the health consequences of sitting a lot. PUREIS3 enables large parts of this movement already while sitting.

The PURE differs significantly from the classic office chair. Conventional mechanics are replaced by innovative materials. Intelligent Smart-Spring technology means you don’t have to make any adjustments to levers or knobs, and the chair adjusts perfectly to each owner without any intervention.

Made by

Active sitting on the PUREis3 industrial swivel chair:

  • Mobilizes the spine
  • Strengthens the back, leg, shoulder and arm muscles
  • Keeps the whole body moving
  • Improves blood circulation and counteracts the formation of thrombosis
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Promotes fat and sugar metabolism

PUREIS3 provides movement
PUREIS3 was tested for movement by the Laboratory of Biomechanics at ETH Zurich. The expert opinion proves:

  • a unique flexibility of up to 22° in the upper back area
  • An opening angle of the back of up to 38°.
  • a range of movement of the Smart Seat by up to 12° forwards
  • a wide range of movement of the seat surface of up to 26°.

Product details:

Seat: padded depth 42 cm x width 51.5 cm, Royal black, polyester
Seat height: self-supporting safety gas spring, adjustable, 42-52 cm
Frame: black
mesh cover black
Lumbar support: Individually adjustable
Mechanics: Smart Spring Technology
Armrests: 3D armrests soft – black
Base: black plastic base, black/soft castors, load-dependent brakes

Royal black, polyester

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