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Muvmat from Aeris

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Active standing mat for relaxed standing

Standing on hard floors means hard labor for our bodies. The Muvmat tries to compensate for this burden. The standing feeling, which is based on the natural forest floor, means that you are always active and in motion.

VIDEO: Healthier standing on the standing mat

Relief for standing workstations
Easy to clean, washable
Water resistant
Versatile in use
Not suitable for pointed heels

Use only with flat shoes without heels


Aeris active standing mat

Made by

Due to its special coating, the health mat is water resistant and easy to clean. The slipcover is removable and washable. Therefore, the Aeris Muvmat is suitable for use with shoes – but is also perfect for barefoot fans. In addition to the office workstation, it can be used in production, in the laboratory, in therapy and also at home, simply anywhere where people work standing up for long periods of time.

Technical data:

Color: Black
Covers: Topography motif, “Black Leafs” and “Jungle” motif.
Size: 91.5 cm x 48 cm x 3.5 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Material mat: EPP and PU soft integral foam
Material cover (optional): 100% polyester

Slip-resistant due to beveled edges. Optionally available with slipcover.

Additional information


2,7 kg


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