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Cashier chair LeitnerVario


For the healthy back.

The adaptable task swivel chair with many options. Particularly suitable for use at cashier workstations or in the office or at height-adjustable tables.


LeitnerVario – the adaptable industrial swivel chair

Height adjustment:
Use the lever on the right front of the seat to adjust your individual seat height steplessly.
The safety-tested lift column in lift height LV2 = from 46 – 65 cm is ideal for height-adjustable desks, working at higher tables and cashier workstations.

Backrest with tilt adjustment:
Backrest XXL to shaped seat XXL: 31×42 cm; the inclination of the backrest is conveniently adjustable by gas lift. When you push down the lever on the right rear, the backrest dynamically follows your movements and supports the spine at the same time (permanent contact). By lifting the lever, the backrest tilt can be fixed in the desired position. By loosening the handwheel on the back, the height of the backrest can also be adjusted.

Seat with seat tilt adjustment:
The ergonomically shaped seat XXL supports an upright sitting posture. With the lever on the left side, you can individually adjust the inclination of the seat.

Foot cross:
High quality die-cast aluminum, black;

Fabric collection: KINGFLEX Trevira

Fabric collections under PDF Downloads

General product details, user, care and cleaning tips

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Weight 1 kg



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