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The maneuverable industrial swivel chair


LeitnerTwist the versatile active swivel chair

Height adjustment:
Easy and generous regulation of the seat height: Push the lever on the right under the seat surface upwards and adjust your individual seat height steplessly.
The safety-tested lift column is available in 4 heights:
TWK = from 33 – 45 cm – for use as a teacher’s chair and as a child’s chair.
TW1 = from 38 – 53 cm – for use as a teacher’s chair and as an alternative office chair at the desk.
TW2 = from 45 – 65 cm – for use at desks especially at higher adjustable desks and in the home area
TW3 = from 54 – 81 cm – for use in higher tables

Seating surfaces:
Round seat “R” Ø 35 cm upholstered, saddle seat “S”, saddle seat “XL”… The ergonomically shaped saddle seat with built-in pelvic support ensures improved sitting posture and optimum legroom.

The backrest follows your body movements just as smoothly and is individually adjustable: loosen the ball handle and adjust the backrest continuously until you feel the optimal height for supporting the lordosis of the spine (slight S-shape). Then tighten the handle again. With the other ball handle under the seat you can change the seat depth in the same way.

Foot cross:
Material: High quality die-cast aluminum, black or polished.

Safety rollers:
Height K to 2 standard castors black soft (suitable for all floors). Comfort castors or chrome castors available as optional equipment. Height 3 glides as standard, BBG castors soft (braked when loaded) available as an option.

Foot ring:
Continuously height-adjustable: Standard equipment for lift height 3. Also available as additional equipment for lift height 2. The foot ring is intended as an ascending aid and supports the recommended relief of the legs when sitting higher and standing at high work tables.

General product details, user, care and cleaning tips

Lift column:
Standard black or chrome high gloss with special Leitner lift cover (except LeitnerWipp WS4) against dirt and drying out.
ATTENTION: Work on or replacement of the lift column may only be carried out by trained personnel!
MAINTENANCE: The lift columns and the metal parts are maintenance-free.

Foot crosses and pedestal plates:
Clean all chrome parts with a suitable agent. Clean the black metal parts with antistatic all-purpose agent. If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth and polish again. If necessary, wipe the wooden parts with a damp cloth and treat with oil or varnish care, depending on the surface.

Fabrics and upholstery:
For the care of the upholstery/coverings, generally do not use any cleaning agents containing solvents, abrasive grease or oil. For virgin wool, any pilling that may occur can be removed with a commercial lint remover. Vacuum or brush all other types of fabric regularly.

Microfiber/Trevira fabrics:
Stains can be removed with lukewarm water, possibly with the addition of a pH-neutral detergent. Always use a clean, white cotton cloth. Avoid soaking the entire furniture and use only small amounts of the cleaning agent. Warning: cleaning petrol, acetone and the like can dissolve foam if soaked.

Faux leather:
Clean the surface with a mixture of lukewarm water and neutral soap foam.Wet a microfiber cloth with the lukewarm soapy water and remove dirt with circular movements. More stubborn stains should be treated with a soft brush. Also wet the brush with the lukewarm soapy water and remove impurities with circular movements. Drying of the surface! Important note! Do not use solvents and abrasive products.>

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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