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Roll stool LeitnerRoll KIGA 2 in blue


The nimble roller stool

The maneuverable rolling stool LeitnerSan Roll has a good price / performance ratio and is suitable for a variety of uses: for example, for educators, masseurs, beauticians or even in the office.
Standard equipment: round seat (technical knitted fabric in blue, yellow, green and red colors).
Extremely maneuverable and robust
Elastico covers removable and washable
✔ Infinitely height adjustable
S uitable for all floors


LeitnerSan Roll – The nimble roll stool for big and small

The extremely robust LeitnerSan swivel chair was specially developed for use as an educator’s and children’s chair.without backrest, it is ideally suited as a rolling stool in kindergartens and children’s rooms. Just like the LeitnerSan, the seat is covered with a robust, technical knitted fabric. The covers are removable and washable. The technical knitted fabric (knitted part) comes from the company Kobleder:

Seat: seat round Ø 35 cm, made of high quality polyurethane, with plywood inlay 18 mm

Seat cover: Elastico, technical knitted fabric, 100% polyester, removable and washable, easy to fix with a cord

Lift column: continuously height-adjustable, black, height K (seat height approx. 38-48 cm) and height 1 (seat height approx. 45-57.5 cm)

Base: black, polyamide, 30% glass fiber reinforced 50 mm cone

Castors: unloaded braked safety castors, black, soft, suitable for all floors

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