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LeitnerDesk Premium – height adjustable desk, table top 160×80 cm


The electric height adjustable desk

The LeitnerDesk height-adjustable desk is an optimal workplace. It adapts ideally to all body sizes and allows you to switch between sitting, standing and standing. This makes daily office work easier and relieves the strain on the back.

S tepless, electric height adjustment
Alternating between sitting standing sitting and standing standing
Control by electric motors with pushbutton control
3 programmable favorite heights possible
Collision protection✔ Cable duct

Table is shipped fully assembled on a disposable pallet!


LeitnerDesk PREMIUM: Electrically height-adjustable desk

The desk is suitable both as a PC workstation and for relaxed work while writing and reading. Switching between sitting, standing or standing-sitting provides back relief through elevated sitting/standing positions and happens easily and dynamically. The desk is electrically height adjustable and is suitable for the highest demands due to its stable design.

Table top: 1600×800 mm, thickness 19 mm

Surface: melamine white with ABS edge 2mm

Height: Infinitely adjustable from 61-126 cm (specification without table top)

Operation: 3 individually storable height settings, automatically controlled at the touch of a button, digital height display, electronic child safety lock, anti-collision system

Lifting speed: approx. 40 mm/s, two motors inside

Base: T-base adjustable from 1080 mm to 1800 mm, for table top width from 1200 to 2200 mm

Foot stabilizer: ergonomic foot stabilizer 70 cm, table legs cross section: max. 50 / 80 mm

Frame load (incl. table top weight): 100 kg

Noise level: < 50 dB

Additional information


25 kg

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