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K&M Music stand STARLINE 10700 foldable black


Proven and stable

The proven and extremely sturdy STARLINE music stand can be quickly unfolded and folded again, making it a flexible alternative to the floor-standing music stand.

✔ Light weight
✔ Foldable and can be folded small
✔ Easy to transport


K&M Music Stand Baseline 10040 – The solid music stand

The black surface-protecting clamping elements ensure comfortable and user-friendly height adjustment. Large parquet protectors and the extremely stable foot construction give the stand its exceptional stability.

Finish: black
Feature: extremely stable
Foot construction: stable strut construction, compact foldable
Weight: 2.418 kg
Size: folded 680 mm
Height: from 675 to 1,470 mm
Material: Steel
Sheet music support: 485 x 240 x 42 mm
Music stand head: traditional
Tube combination: 2-fold extendable

Additional information


2,4 kg

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