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K&M Double Bass Chair 13460


Fully adjustable bass chair

The special chair for double bass players equipped with upholstered seat and backrest offers many adjustment possibilities and high seating comfort.

Padded seat and backrest made of flame-retardant material
S eat and backrest adjustable in height and inclination
Continuously height-adjustable footrest
S eat with leg cutout


K&M bass chair for double bass player

The black fabric has a durability of 100,000 abrasion cycles. The black powdered 5-leg base provides perfect stability. The continuously height-adjustable footrest and the comfortable seat with leg recess provide extended seating comfort. The seat height is adjusted pneumatically and continuously via a release lever. The height of the backrest and the seat tilt are also adjustable.

Product details:

Finish: black
Foot construction: 5-leg base
Weight: 12.2 kg
Height: from 59.5 to 85 cm
Height adjustment: gas pressure spring
Material: Steel
Seat: 43 x 42 cm

Additional information


12,2 kg


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