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Industrial swivel chair LeitnerFan-UEDM-DM08anthracite-2roll-FS-s


The industrial swivel chair with easy-care equipment

The LeitnerFan swivel chair brings color and fresh momentum to everyday work. It provides relief and freedom of movement, is maneuverable and robust, and can therefore be used flexibly in many workplace situations.

Standard equipment: round PU seat and PU lumbar support ( removable DUO mesh fabric cover, color of your choice).

✔ Practical and easy to clean
✔ Ergonomic and adaptable
Infinitely height-adjustable seat and backrest
S uitable for all floors
LEITNER quality at a moderate price

Lift heights & seat heights LeitnerFan
LeitnerFan K = from 38 – 48 cm
LeitnerFan 1 = from 45 – 58 cm
LeitnerFan 2 = from 52 – 69 cm


LeitnerFan – The economical industrial swivel chair

With its removable DUOMESH covers, the versatile and economical swivel chair is both versatile in design and safety-compliant. All technical components are TÜV-tested.

PU seat: round Ø 35 cm, upholstered with high quality polyurethane molded foam, 5 cm high, removable DUO mesh fabric cover.
PU lumbar support: padded with high quality polyurethane molded foam, removable DUO mesh fabric cover.
Lift height: continuously height-adjustable, available in 3 heights(height K: 38-48 cm, height 1: 45-58 cm)
Lift column: black incl. Plastic cladding
Base: plastic base black Ø 60 cm
Rollers: black/soft Ø 50 mm (suitable for all floors)

Additional information

Weight 8,5 kg


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