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MAULpro ergonomic footrest


For a healthy ergonomic sitting posture

With the professional footrest MAULpro provides ergonomic compensation for rigid table heights. The sleek, modern design is ideal for the office or home office. No assembly required.

Relieves strain on legs, back and shoulders
Height adjustable in 5 steps, extra large footprint
S elf-locking design against unintentional tilting


MAULpro ergonomic footrest

Made by Mouth

Designed in accordance with the European Display Screen Equipment Regulation, this footrest is ideal for the office or desk at home. It ensures a healthy sitting posture and prevents tension in the legs, back and shoulders.

Color: gray

Product dimensions (HxW):approx. 45cm x 39cm

Material type: shatterproof plastic, anti-slip rubber adjustable feet

Surface: footprint with nubbed surface for better grip

Height adjustment: inclination continuously adjustable with the foot, self-locking design against unintentional tilting

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