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Ergonomic desk Fermata-HIGHDESK


The adaptable table desk

The highdesk desk is easily adaptable to tables and desks with a clamping device. This makes it mobile and transportable. Take the desk with you to all your important appointments, be it meetings, presentations, lectures, trade shows or events.

✔ Healthy change of working postures
✔ Adaptable to tables and desks
✔ Reduces the load on the spine
✔ Infinitely height-adjustable, inclinable worktop


Table desk Fermata Highdesk

Ergonomic and customizable table desk Highdesk for office, meeting room or trade fairs, etc. is individually adjustable and inclinable, and with the large support surface offers enough space for your documents or laptop and the like.

Made by Fermata

Product details and configurable variants:

Adjustment range: 31-42.6 cm above table height
Clamping range: 15-78 mm
Size: top plate 54×45 cm
Tilt range: Infinitely adjustable support from 0-22, rotatable in all directions 360


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