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Everyday” anti-fatigue mat from Fellowes


Optimized ergonomics at the workplace

Tension and back pain lead to reduced performance in the office or, among other things, to becoming ill more often. Work more actively while standing with this durable anti-fatigue mat and increase your concentration and productivity.

Prevents fatigue by promoting light movement
Reduces tension and back pain
As an accessory for sit-stand solutions or standing desks
Rounded corners for more safety (no tripping)

Use only with flat shoes without heelsUse only with flat shoes without heels


“Everyday” doormat for the office

The “Everyday” mat is an ergonomic floor mat designed for office use.Standing on the “Everyday” mat stimulates muscle fibrils of the leg muscles. Through micro-movements, the musculature is not noticeable, but kept permanently in vibration. This promotes blood circulation and reduces blood congestion in the veins. This results in the feeling of fatigue occurring much more slowly than when standing on the floor.

Made by Fellowes

Work more comfortably while standing with the durable Anti-Fatigue Mat from Fellowes. The rounded corners offer you more safety. Ideally suited as an accessory to sit-stand solutions or standing desks.

Areas of use of the Everyday health mat:

  • At the height adjustable desk
  • At receptions & reception areas
  • In Banks & Retail
  • At representative points of sale to keep customers there longer

Color: Black
Product dimensions:
approx. 1.9 cm x 91.4 cm x 61 cm

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