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Height adjustable desk/work table LeitnerWork

Original price was: € 726,00.Current price is: € 653,40.

Low cost and height adjustable work table

This hand-crank height-adjustable table is the affordable way to start an ergo update at your workstation in the office, school or home. It is suitable as a PC workstation or work table. An ideal, adaptable and growing desk for children, teenagers and adults.

Relief for the daily work routine
Easily height-adjustable with hand crank
Excellent price, performance ratio


LeitnerWork – Crank height adjustable desk/work table

This easily adjustable table adapts to the respective body height by a few turns of the crank and always offers the right working height. Appropriate swivel chairs or standing aids should be used for this purpose, which ensure the dynamic change of working postures.

Product details LeitnerWork:

Height adjustment: hand crank, retractable
Table dimensions: from 1120 – 2000 mm x 800 mm x 19mm
Adjustment range/height: 630 – 930 mm (excl. 19 mm table top)
Width adjustment frame: 1100 – 1800 mm
Depth table top support: 700 mm
Speed: 2.25 mm/s per crank movement
Frame color: RAL 9006 gray
Material frame: aluminum
Frame load static: 100 kg
Frame load dynamic: 70 kg

Additional information

Weight 40 kg