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Music stand Performer 3 from RATstands


The professional music stand for high demands

The RATstands Performer 3 Stand is a music stand built to last. Compact and space-saving, it is the world’s first music stand that has an adjustable pull-out resistor so that, for example, several scores can be held. The desk is made of a special polymer plastic that does not resonate.

S table stand due to tubular steel base
More adjustable extraction resistance
Rubber glides to protect the floor
Quick-release tray for engaging/disengaging the console surface


The stable and resilient music stand Performer 3 from RATstands

The Performer music stand is dimensionally stable and resilient as well as easy to handle. The tubular steel base provides a safe, stable stand. The rubber glides on the stand protect the floor. The height adjustment is made without screws. You can easily adjust the pull-out resistance of the standpipe using a screw at the upper end. In addition, the console surface can be quickly engaged or disengaged with the “Quick Release Tray”. The desk still offers a cable guide on the back, so that the cables of desk lighting can be neatly routed and do not hang loosely from the desk.

An additional storage compartment can also be added, e.g. for pencils or small instruments. This is an optional component, but useful and at the same time easy to attach with a few screws.

Height: 69.9 – 132 cm
Weight: approx. 2.9 kg
Color: black


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