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Special work chair SINTEC from BIMOS


Proven quality for individual seating

The Sintec work chair is completely user-friendly and provides flexible seating at production workstations. The work chair has a wide range of mechanisms and is equipped with seat and back shells made of robust plastic as standard. The comfortable interchangeable cushions are available in various finishes and colors.

Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest
Large seat height adjustment range
Robust, suitable for the most severe operating conditions


Bimos industrial swivel chair SINTEC with seat tilt

The SINTEC automatically promotes correct sitting posture and upright healthy sitting. The rounded front edge of the seat prevents blood congestion in the thighs. The anti-slip curvature prevents slipping forward. In this way, the seat surface is fully utilized and supportive contact with the backrest is ensured. The backrest provides wide support for the back in the lumbar region and offers great freedom of movement for the arms and upper body due to the upwardly tapered backrest. The support area for the back can be adjusted according to the body size. The height adjustment scale helps to quickly find the optimum setting again (e.g. in shift operation).

Product details:

  • Seat: integral foam basalt blue, seat tilt adjustment
  • Base: steel basalt gray with glider
  • Backrest: permanent contact backrest, basalt gray
  • Seat height: 43 – 58 cm

Additional information


13,5 kg


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