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Ergonomics tool be:ergo MINI


The innovative tool for daily and personal use

For healthy adjustment of screen, laptop and tablet. You can easily get the result safely in 15 seconds with 3 simple steps. The small format makes it ideal for each individual employee to use and should always be on their desk as a reminder. It thus improves work efficiency and minimizes sick leave. The solution is therefore in your own hands and at each workplace.

Enables optimum vision and ergonomically correct posture
Independent of place and time for all employees
Increases performance and enjoyment of work
Promotes best possible posture and vision while working
Fulfills all requirements, directives, laws and standards for health prevention at the VDU workstation


be:ergo – Prevents health complaints and reduces absenteeism and sick leave

More than half of all VDU work causes health problems, with back problems ranking among the top 3 internationally. But persistent headaches or problems with the eyes are also clear warning signals: an incorrect sitting posture due to poorly adjusted screens causes the body to tire more quickly and causes massive physical impairments in the long term. As a result, many employees feel unable to perform and require medical assistance.

The be:ergo MINI comes in a handy little box and includes:

  • Ergo-7s:
    > high quality special bubble with optimal viscosity
    > precise ergo-marking for sitting and standing
    > damped high-tech tape for multiple adhesion to clean displays
  • Ergo mirror glasses:
    > brilliant optics
    > Lightweight and 11 times more break resistant than glass
    > damped high-tech tape for multiple adhesion to clean displays
  • Cleaning cloth:
    > high quality lint free cleaning cloth
    > 3 in one for displays, reading glasses and components
    > washable up to 40°C
  • Manual:
    > Instruction in German
    > Ergonomics at the computer workstation in a nutshell
  • Box:
    > high quality wipeable cardboard
    > shock absorbing inlay
    > secure transport lock

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2-5 days

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