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LeitnerStabil 3 double bass stool, round seat


Adjustable in height and adaptable.

The LeitnerStabil as the preferred musician’s stool with stepless height adjustment is spontaneously adjustable for any body size and any instrument. The particularly flat design of the base plate gives optimum legroom.

Cover: Imitation leather Peri black
Lift height: gas lift height 3 black
Base: fixed base Ø 39 cm, metal black with felt floor protector


Height adjustment: Easy and generous regulation of the seat height: Push the lever under the seat surface upwards and adjust your individual seat height steplessly. The lift height WS3S (55 – 80 cm) is suitable for use as a double bass stool or conductor’s chair.

Seating surfaces: Round seat R35 – Ergonomically shaped saddle seat with built-in pelvic support supports an upright sitting posture and gives optimum legroom.

Base: Extra flat, fixed metal base plate for optimum legroom, Ø 39 cm, black powder-coated, with felt floor protectors on the underside.

Foot ring: infinitely height adjustable; The foot ring is intended as an ascending aid and supports the recommended relief of the legs when sitting higher and standing at high work tables.

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