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Learn better ergonomically

School, after school care

Moving school simply with dynamic sitting and standing aids

Whether for students or educators – flexible and height-adjustable seating furniture and tables ensure an ergonomically correct posture and provide important impulses for movement while sitting. Alternate between sitting, standing and moving! This improves concentration and brings more joy and success in learning.

The products of Leitner Ergomöbel optimally enrich your school. Standing aids and swivel chairs for teachers, desks and tables simply choose according to your requirements. Our tip: 3 to 5 LeitnerWipp stools per class make movement happen quite easily alongside.



Pupil movement stool

The popular classic now new extra for children in mini format! Smaller seat and base reduce the weight of the LeitnerWippi, what remains is perfectly coordinated and ergonomically moved sitting. Your children will also love the colorful motion stool!

Student desks / desks

Ergonomic student desks create the best conditions for learning success. The focus is on contemporary design and practical functionality: our desks are adaptable for all age groups or height-adjustable, the tiltable tabletop allows an upright and straight sitting posture.

Teacher chairs, standing aids & mats

As an educator, you spend hours at the blackboard or by the student desks. Standing aids and standing mats bring relief. Taking a seat on a LeitnerWipp in between relieves the spine and alleviates complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Top marks go to the ergonomic LeitnerTwist and LeitnerVario teacher chairs. Our swivel chairs optimally adapt to your requirements and fulfill all wishes for a modern workplace.

Office swivel chairs

Swivel chairs from Leitner are as variable in configuration as you are and are perfect for all desks. Perfect ergonomics for your field of application is the focus of all solutions. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice!



Swivel chairs
Student desks and tables
Teacher chairs
Movement stools and standing aids