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Leitner work swivel chairs for all work table heights
Leitner swivel chairs were developed for people who value active sitting behavior. Both taller and shorter people benefit from the special design and adjustability of Leitner’s office and task swivel chairs.

The seat height, backrest height and inclination can be easily adjusted to suit the body. The LeitnerTwist and LeitnerVario special work chairs are used in work areas where a completely individual adjustment is required. For example, as a teacher’s chair, musician’s chair, counter chair or high desk chair or for particularly small or exceptionally large people.

NEW: OFFICE DRIVES of competent brands complement the Leitner range
Office swivel chairs “Flexi” and “Orlando” are equipped with mesh backs, which ensures good air circulation. The synchronous mechanism supports dynamic sitting with good back support. For those who want it even more extravagant, there is the swivel chair “Ascoli”, where both the seat and the backrest are covered with mesh. This designer chair offers very special “airy” seating comfort and also convinces with the original look.

The compact swivel chair “Padua” is the all-rounder for versatile applications. It is optimal for use as a youth chair, teacher’s chair or as an office swivel chair in small offices or home offices. Especially well suited by the proportions as an ergonomic work chair for women.

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