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Equipment for music schools and rehearsal rooms
There are many years of experience especially in the equipment of music schools. As early as 20 years ago, Franz Leitner began pioneering the development of special solutions for this area of application. With the stepless height adjustment, the space-saving seating furniture easily adapts to the respective body size and different instruments. A good basis for more well-being, more activity and more success.

Special solutions that Franz Leitner develops individually with musicians – such as a double bass chair – which has already conquered many opera houses in Germany, as well as rounding off the program with orchestra chairs from Bergerault, Wilde+Spieth and Wenger, made Leitner known as a competent and reliable outfitter. The most recent, renowned reference projects include the new Bruckner Private University and the Music Theater in Linz. More references

>> Musician chairs in application

Advantages of the ergonomic LEITNER musicians’ chairs
✔ Adaptable
✔ Height adjustable
✔ Individual solutions
✔ Stackable models

Music stands and music stands from RATstands / Wenger / K&M
At the same time, a wide range of innovative music stands and music stands are available that meet equally high ergonomic standards. For example, these patented solutions from manufacturers such as Wenger, RATstands and K&M are infinitely height-adjustable without screws, are extremely robust, stable and easily transportable.

Advantages of music stands at LEITNER:

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