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Flexible equipment for office & home office
An electrically height-adjustable desk really brings a lot of flexibility to your four walls. The height can be adjusted continuously at the touch of a button, and many models even allow you to program your favorite heights. So you can decide spontaneously and depending on the activity in which position you want to work. Your body loves variety and will be very happy about this flexibility. Combined with a standing aid or a swivel chair with foot ring, this creates a healthy, ergonomic working environment. As an extension for an existing workstation that is not electrically height-adjustable, swiveling, height-adjustable table-top desks are the ideal addition.
Growing solution for the children’s and youth room
Desks that grow with the child also provide an ideal learning and working environment for children and young people. They adapt ideally to all body sizes and allow you to switch between sitting, standing and standing. The regular movement promotes concentration and relieves the back.

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