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Inhale and exhale. Activity and passivity. Tension and relaxation. Those who consciously integrate these opposites into their daily routine usually feel more active and at the same time better centered. Being aware of one’s own body with all its possibilities not only promotes physical health, but also mental strength and contributes to mental well-being. This is exactly the combination we need right now.

When we feel stable – both physically and mentally – we are simply better equipped to meet life’s challenges. Whether relaxing or strengthening yoga, meditative Qi-Gong or athletic workout, each form of movement has its own meaning and its own unique quality. In fact, we need different forms of movement at different times, and depending on what we want to strengthen within us.

Movement in between with the LeitnerWipp stool very easy to implement

Incorporate exercise in between

Knowing that our body is like a good friend that we can rely on gives a lot of strength and security. This is because it allows us to react more quickly to changes, we are more agile and also more self-confident. To achieve this, we do not necessarily need a yearly plan in the gym. Many simple exercises can be done at home or in the office. Even if there is no fitness equipment handy, with a little imagination, wonderful strengthening exercises can be incorporated into everyday life. Chair, yoga mat, table and inner motivation – that’s all it takes to do something good for yourself every day.

Inspiration for personal training

Of course, the inner motivation is always such a thing. Of course, it’s easier with a little support – for example, with the exercise sequences from OUTWORX, the agency for movement and health promotion. Every week there are great tutorials to follow on their YouTube channel. with and on the LeitnerWipp

Staying on with joy

A yoga mat in your favorite color? A meditation cushion in soothing forest green? Pleasant relaxing music or invigorating rhythms? It’s often the little things that make our resolutions a success, because they all contribute to making us feel good and happy to incorporate exercise or meditation sessions into our daily routine – in fact, we probably really look forward to them!

Gift tips for those who love to move

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