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There are many children’s desks, but most often they need to be replaced at the latest in the teenage years. Not necessarily because they no longer work, but rather because they no longer appeal. After all, the appearance is an important criterion when buying new furniture, especially for teenagers and young adults. That’s exactly why you will have your true joy with the Eliot desk that grows with you – and your children too!

The electric height-adjustable design table plays all the pieces and looks really good doing it. Colorful disguises make the furniture really individual – from sporty green to pink stars, there is something for every child. If the taste changes later, a new cover can simply be mounted. Whether plain black or white, wood look or chic olive green, in no time the functional table becomes a new visual highlight in the youth room and will probably also later so some moves with. Two powerful motors provide a stepless, smooth height adjustment from approx. 65 cm to approx. 130 cm . In addition, the table is equipped with a safe collision protection. All technical components are TÜV certified.

The DreamTeam Kids with Eliot desk and children's swivel chair LeitnerKid
The DreamTeam Kids with Eliot desk and children’s swivel chair LeitnerKid

The perfect combinations for the nursery

For use in the children’s room Eliot has with the LeitnerKid Eliot has a spirited partner at its side. The maneuverable children’s swivel chair is space-saving and can be easily adjusted by gas pressure spring from approx. 43 to approx. 58 cm seat height. Both the round seat and the specially shaped backrest are equipped with removable covers which are machine washable at 30° C and can also be replaced if necessary. The extra-small base ensures legroom and makes every movement with pleasure. For children who want even more activity, it is recommended to use the LeitnerWipp motion stool stool into consideration. The TÜV-certified active chair is used in many kindergartens and elementary schools and has proven its worth especially with very active children. Please also read our blog post Sitting in motion for more learning success and better posture .

Children enjoy sitting in motion on the LeitnerWipp motion stool
Children enjoy sitting in motion on the LeitnerWipp motion stool

Flexible and healthy sitting during studies

Hours of studying and intensive screen work are also a big issue, especially towards the end of school and in university. For this purpose, the electrically height-adjustable desk can simply be combined with a new piece of seating furniture – such as the comfortably upholstered LeitnerFan. The flexible swivel stool is available with and without a foot ring and is also equipped with washable slipcovers. If you prefer something more sporty or are looking for a movement alternative in addition to a conventional swivel chair, you’ve come to the right place with the LeitnerSpinPRO is the ideal choice. The chic standing aid supports especially when sitting higher or standing and provides good relief for the lumbar spine.

Sitting correctly from an early age

Those who establish a healthy relationship with their own bodies at an early age know intuitively how much movement and rest is good for their own well-being. This is not just about sitting properly, but also moving properly. Balancing exercises in between, getting up more often and taking very conscious breaks are an important part of the learning and working day. Because what our body likes least are one-sided loads. Height-adjustable furniture also makes it quick and easy to change posture while learning and working. At the touch of a button, the table height can be changed depending on the activity, so that in between times painting, drawing or crafting can be done standing up.

Individuality and functionality for every body size

Especially at the beginning of school and at the beginning of studies, high-quality and durable products are a nice gift idea for their own children or even for nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Which furniture combinations make sense depends primarily on the body size and the type of activity. Therefore, we do not give blanket answers, but emphasize individual counseling, specifically tailored to what your child needs. Feel free to contact us by phone for an ergonomics consultation or visit us in our showroom in Lohnsburg.

Further information

Our DreamtTeam combination offers for many areas of application
Our Dreamteam combination offers for many applications

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