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There are many ergonomic recommendations for the right office equipment: Right angle of legs and arms, upright sitting position, well-lit workplace and some more. Especially now that many in the home office are challenged to redesign the workplace, there is a lot of information on this. We deal with office ergonomics issues on a daily basis and have summarized some relevant points from our wealth of experience for you.

Is there a right working posture?

You can read the official ergonomics recommendations, for example, on the Austrian Public Health Portal. We, too, are fundamentally convinced that it is important to set up your workstation so that it is best suited to you and your job – after all, that is what ergonomics is about by definition. Nevertheless, we also believe that not everything is always black or white, but that the many facets in between also need to be considered.

Whether there is THE optimal working posture at all is therefore open to question. Our bodies are not actually made to sit exclusively, so they are potentially rather unhappy if it is nevertheless demanded of them for hours on end. This unhappiness often manifests itself in the form of tension and headaches or back pain. These occur especially with one-sided loads and when there is no or hardly any movement. At the same time, too much exercise can also be counterproductive. So our body needs a good middle ground and ideally regular variety.

Set up workplace individually

So how can an office workstation be set up so that you feel completely comfortable and you can give your body both space and support? Before buying an office chair or desk, we recommend testing the furniture in the actual working environment. In addition, check your personal requirements in advance. What activity do you perform? Do you need to be able to work long and concentrated hours because you are, for example, a designer, copywriter or programmer? Or are you a lot in online conferences and in contact with other people because you work in project management, for example? Depending on what you are doing, you may also prefer different working postures. Get to know your needs and act on them. Make it possible with flexible office furniture that you can stand up quickly in between or work standing up now and then. Expand your reach and think of furniture that offers as many options as possible.

Swivel chair LeitnerFan + electric height adjustable desk Eliot

Useful additions for the home office

It is not always necessary to redesign the entire workplace. Perhaps you already have an office chair that you’d like to keep, but at the same time realize that you’d like to be even more flexible. Those who do not wish to purchase an electrically height-adjustable desk can also work with modern desk extension desks contribute to an ergonomic solution. This means that work can be done standing up in between and, in combination with a standing aid, even sitting up. Movable standing aids are also a valuable addition to the rest of the living space and can be used in the kitchen, dining room, or even the children’s room. Even when ironing, sewing and crafts they are perfect. An all-round seating furniture, so it really adds value. The following have also proved particularly effective ergonomic footrests and reading desks . What exactly you need and what suits you best, you know yourself. If you would still like to have support, for example, the practical tool from be:ergo with which you can set up your working posture yourself.

LeitnerSpin PRO standing aid + Eliot electric height-adjustable desk

Colors, plants and beautiful pictures brighten the mood

When decorating your workspace, also think about everything that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. Because the more satisfied you are, the better you perceive the language of your own body. What colors support you in this? Do you need plants to feel good?

Colors, plants beautiful images promote well-being in your office

Individuality needs a wide range

In our ErgoShop you will find industrial swivel chairs with seat tilt adjustment, office chairs with synchronous mechanism, flexible standing aids and maneuverable stools in various basic heights. In addition, height-adjustable desks, meeting tables and desks, as well as ergonomic accessories, so everything you need for healthy and moving sitting. We will be happy to advise you on site in our store or by phone.

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