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The daily work of educators and kindergarten teachers is versatile and varied. This also means that working postures are constantly changing – from tinkering at child-friendly, low tables to standing activities to office work at conventional desks, it’s all in the mix. Sitting at child height in particular is a special challenge for the body.

In our many years of experience as a seating furniture manufacturer, we have dealt with these challenges. We know that in addition to functionality, ergonomic design and quality, versatility plays a key role in kindergarten use.

LeitnerTwist KIGA swivel chairs in kindergarten use
LeitnerTwist KIGA swivel chairs in kindergarten use

Mobility and flexibility as a means of health care

Swivel chairs in the kindergarten must also be maneuverable, flexible and easy to transport, such as our LeitnerTwist K . Ideally, they have an adjustable backrest that provides support at the right point while still allowing enough room for movement in the back and shoulder area. An ergonomically shaped seat with comfortable padding ensures a pleasant sitting experience even during longer activities. Height adjustment by means of a gas lift makes changing positions particularly easy, and extra-small foot crosses prevent collisions with the table legs. An active and dynamic sitting posture that is adapted to the work area can thus prevent back complaints. But even if problems with the intervertebral discs are already known, the right furniture provides pleasant relief. Numerous kindergarten teachers and therapists already confirm the positive effect of versatile and movable seating furniture in kindergarten. In addition to swivel chairs, these also include motion stools with particularly low gas lifts and movable base plates. These stools promote gentle balance, strengthen the back muscles and are particularly flexible.

LeitnerWipp movement stool in kindergarten use
LeitnerWipp movement stool in kindergarten use

Promotion of motor skills in children

So movement stools in the kindergarten are multifunctional, because they are not only a welcome change for educators, but are also very popular with children, like our LeitnerWipp K . By playfully changing the position, they promote the coordination and motor skills of the children and incidentally support the innate urge to move. The height adjustment also allows sitting at individually correct seat height. Movable base plates from our own development enable low-noise, gentle movement from the center of the body, promote active sitting, and are safe to use thanks to the protective profile all around. Sitting dynamically on these stools prevents posture problems and ensures a good, safe body feeling already in children.

Test and find good

The best furniture is only good enough if it actually meets your individual requirements. Therefore, we recommend you test ergonomic furniture before buying. Whether in the nursery, after-school care center, kindergarten or school, we know that you are dealing with special situations that also require special solutions. We look back on 25 years of experience in the development of seating furniture and would like to share our insights with you. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for special inquiries or visit our website, where you will find lots of documents, expert opinions and certificates.

Configure desired product online

Get inspired in our online ErgoShop and find numerous individual design options for your dream seating furniture. Colorful and appealing furniture is especially important in kindergarten, but functionality must always be kept in mind as well. Therefore, we also offer wipeable and durable seats in a variety of colors, as well as washable seat covers.

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