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You want to prevent neck tension and back pain and do something good for your body at the same time? That’s a nice approach that we’re also working on very intensively.

In addition to this, we ask ourselves how we can motivate our personal hero – the body – so that it carries us through the day with joy. Our answer to this: Our body needs an environment in which it feels comfortable. He wants variety, and not just in sports.

Easily integrate a daily dose of exercise into everyday life with the LeitnerWipp

Do you sit a lot? Then you’re like most people. Many of us work in an office or currently in a home office and spend many hours in the same position. The movements in between are usually reduced to fetching coffee and going to the toilet. Only in the evening do we notice that the body feels immobile and rigid. In the best case, we then take some time for balancing exercises, athletic training or relaxing yoga. But even for this there is not always the opportunity, because everyday life usually keeps us firmly in its grip. So how can we make sure that our bodies get a small dose of exercise even during the day and maintain a healthy posture?

Optimally complement the desk with add-on desks

Standard desks, standard chairs and standard heights for a body that is not standard? Does that make sense? We believe in our individuality and that includes having different needs that we may listen to. So ideally, you’ll have a height-adjustable desk with height-adjustable seating, so you can change your position to suit your mood. But even if the basic equipment for a sit/stand workstation is not perfect, you can get the most out of it. For example, with modern add-on desks that allow you to also work while standing. Or with ergonomic reading desks that relieve the strain on the neck.

Standing mat, desk and table top desk offer a perfect combination
Standing mat, desk and table top desk offer a perfect combination (© Fellowes)

Bring back activity thanks to standing mat

As children, we love to run barefoot. Our sense of balance is pronounced and we move naturally on different surfaces. Later, we usually lack this routine and often forget that inner and outer balance are connected. With standing mats, some of this activity can be integrated back into everyday life. Whether in the office or at home, whether for specific balance exercises or just because, the elastic mats strengthen the muscles, stimulate blood circulation and relieve the joints.

Small helpers, big relief

Lumbar and back supports, footrests or ball pillows can also quickly upgrade existing office furniture. Or ensure a relaxed hand posture when writing on the keyboard with appropriate Ergo accessories. Even the smallest change can have a great effect on you. Please also read our article “Support for relaxed working in the home office”.

We would like to encourage you to act on your own responsibility. Clarify pain and specific malpositions with a doctor and become active in aftercare. Do something good for your body and react best early. You can also do the proper ergonomic setup of your workstation on your own. For this, we recommend our article “Implementing ergonomics at the workplace in a self-responsible manner”.

Give the gift of health and joy

Are you still looking for a sustainable gift that adds value and brings joy? Click through our gift ideas or call us for advice.

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