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Dynamic sitting and changing working postures

Our ergo furniture is made for the recommended frequent change of working postures between sitting, standing and moving. Especially the movable sitting/standing aids help to strengthen the musculature, ensure blood circulation to the intervertebral discs and train coordinative and motor skills.

LEITNER ERGOMÖBEL GmbH stands for development, production and distribution of ergonomic furniture. We focus on functionality, ergonomics and design in our products. The proven previous program includes seat/standing aids, office swivel chairs, task swivel chairs, kindergarten and school equipment, height-adjustable tables and desks.

A dedicated design line combines beauty and aesthetics with the health aspects of ergonomics. The sporty, elegant line should appeal primarily from the design, health and ergonomics are quite simply unobtrusively included. Ideally suited for: Foyers in banks, companies, institutions, car dealerships, trade fairs, exhibitions and event.

Cooperation with partners allows us to offer you also extended solutions, for example in the field of music stands and stacking chairs.

We are constantly working on the further development of our products. We want to create furniture that can cope with the changing demands of professional and everyday life and adapt individually.

Vision and philosophy

Modern life has brought us humans many conveniences. However, we are also increasingly exposed to stresses that our bodies cannot always cope with. That’s why customized, personalized solutions with versatile benefits are in demand.

We have been developing and designing our dynamic seating solutions under this claim for about 30 years. Whether individuality, dynamics, universality or noble design: owning a genuine LEITNER means for you the highest functionality, health and balance combined with an inspiring variety of possibilities.

Ergo: Sitting in a mobile and ergonomic way.

Years experience
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The new LEITNER movement ergonomics

The development and design of ergonomic furniture requires expertise, creativity and, above all, a feel for people and their needs. Our ergonomics is not static ergonomics.

First and foremost, we take people into consideration in our developments. Our ergonomic solutions are designed to help and encourage more dynamic work processes.

Because there is no best sitting posture. The best way to keep your back and muscles healthy is to exercise.

The ergonomics recommendation for sitting at a 90° angle is only for conventional chairs. This guideline would be absurd for a continuously height-adjustable Leitner.


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Sales and consulting
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Assistant to the management

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Manufacturing and shipping

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Manufacturing and shipping

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Here you will find medical and therapeutic backgrounds on sitting on Leitner ergo furniture: