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The “Back Health Day” has been held annually on March 15 since 2002. This day is organized by the Federal association of German back schools (BdR) registered association in co-operation with the action healthy back (AGR) registered association and the confederation of German back schools (KddR). The motto of this year’s action day is “Don’t want to have a back? Discover back school 2.0”.

As a seating furniture manufacturer and ergonomics specialist, we have been dealing with the topic of “healthy sitting” for more than 25 years and know that individual solutions are required here. Often the back muscles have atrophied due to insufficient exercise, prolonged sitting or one-sided strain, which can subsequently lead to back pain and disc problems. Strengthening the entire musculature regularly is therefore quite essential for a healthy back.

What seating furniture is good for the back?

Our concern is to find the best possible solution for each individual. Therefore, our furniture consists of a flexible component system that can be assembled according to your own wishes. In our opinion, there is no perfect seating furniture for everyone, but only one that is perfect for you. The demands are as individual as our bodies. Every person needs something different and it is exactly this individuality that we also give space to through our versatile assortment. In addition, we know that the use of ergonomic swivel stools and motion chairs alone is not enough. This is because it is particularly important to furnish the entire workplace accordingly and to ensure the best possible match between desk and seating furniture. This also applies to the home office. In addition, it is essential to move and relax the body regularly.

Leitner Back Health Rocking Gymnastics2
Movement stools like the LeitnerWipp contribute positively to your back health

Incorporate activities into everyday life

Many people spend most of the day in a sitting position, mainly in the office or home office, but also doing everyday tasks, watching TV in the evening or reading. With yoga and stretching exercises, as well as targeted sports sessions, we can give our bodies the balance they need and help them stay mobile all around. But we can also actively do something for our health while sitting ourselves.

The choice of seating furniture is of great importance here, but especially the alternation between sitting and standing. It is particularly important to give the body small movement units on our own responsibility again and again, for example by regularly standing up or stretching and turning in between. For standing activities, it can be helpful to use a standing aid to support yourself and thus relieve the strain on your back. It is important to find a good balance and to give the body the possibility to change the posture again and again. This change can also happen playfully in passing, for example when sitting on a movement stool. Due to the movable base plate, the body is stimulated in between again and again to slightly correct the position.

This active-dynamic sitting stimulates blood circulation and supplies the entire body with oxygen. The muscles receive constant impulses from the small movements and do not remain in a static posture. Movement stools without backrest can be ideally used as alternative seating in addition to conventional chairs.

Our recommendation

The elegant and comfortable active stool LeitnerSpinPRO is particularly well suited as a seating alternative in the office and home office and trains your muscles quite incidentally.

The LeitnerSpinPRO, an active all-round seating furniture for a healthy back.

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