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In our dynamic world, we are learning more and more that our bodies are also dynamic and like to behave dynamically in various activities. At first, this could prove to be a contradiction, because many workplaces are not yet designed for spontaneous dynamics, but rather demand a static attitude due to the available furniture. However, we believe that this opposition is already in the process of dissolution and that we are striving for reorientation in all areas of our lives due to our increasingly conscious approach to our bodies.

On the one hand, we perceive this trend because there is an increased demand for height-adjustable, ergonomic furniture and many people are already actively seeking individual solutions. On the other hand, we are pleased to see that there are more and more events and lectures at which therapists, doctors and specialists from a wide range of industries are increasingly pointing out the need for new workstations. For example, at the conference “zusammenARBEIT in focus: occupational therapy in ergonomics & prevention” on November 28 at the Schlossmuseum in Linz. “In terms of health promotion and prevention of physical ailments caused by prolonged sedentary work, standing-sitting workplaces should receive more attention and promotion when it comes to redesigning and planning work environments,” confirms Larissa D. Frank, occupational therapist in Tyrol, our vision in her presentation.

Standing aid and height adjustable table
Standing aid and height-adjustable table for stand-sit workstation situations

Individual positions with individual furniture

The so-called “stand-sit workstation”, which we also like to call a dynamic workstation, enables the intuitive change between sitting and standing in a completely natural way. Ideally, the desk should be an electrically height-adjustable model that moves up or down at the touch of a button. Table racks with memory function can even store several predefined positions. This makes it child’s play to switch from a sitting to a standing position, and there are still plenty of options in between.

To take full advantage of this flexibility, the question of the right office chair quickly arises. This is because many conventional swivel chairs are only designed for seated activities and cannot be used in higher positions due to their design. When sitting higher up, we want to move more actively, the thighs need more free space, we ideally want to support the feet, and the large backrest is really just in the way. Apart from that, the adjustability of the gas lift is far too short. So if you want to adjust the working position individually and spontaneously, you will quickly look for an alternative. Swivel chairs, such as our LeitnerTwist and LeitnerVario models, are designed precisely for these requirements. Alternating between sitting and standing is thus easily incorporated into the daily work routine and the body is relieved again and again thanks to the movement in between.

The LeitnerVario is an optimal swivel chair height adjustable desks
The LeitnerVario is an optimal swivel chair height adjustable desks

Even more flexibility through flexible equipment

In addition or as an alternative to swivel chairs, standing aids and movement stools have already proven their worth. These allow even more freedom and ask us to exercise the muscles of our spine even more actively. In this way, we take our well-being into our own hands and can preventively ensure a good posture. Because health is not just a matter of leisure.

Our cooperations with manufacturers of ergonomic accessories such as be:ergo and geotec also focus on prevention. Because the dynamic, ergonomic workplace encompasses more than just a desk and seating furniture. For example, the right lighting, the correct adjustment of the reading distance and the height of the screen are also important factors for a comfortable working posture that is optimally adapted to individual needs and physique.

Ergonomics consulting with added value

As a specialist in ergonomic work solutions, we incorporate our 25 years of experience into all of our consultations. So at any point in time, you benefit from a comprehensive collection of valuable tips and ideas for more ergonomics in the workplace. We also rely on concrete recommendations and references from therapists and doctors who have been recommending our ergo furniture for years. We are sure sit-stand workstations will play an even more intensive focus in the equipment of office environments in the future.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us personally. We are available by phone from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00 and on Friday from 08:00 to 12:00. If you have specific questions about a product, please use our chat assistant in the Ergoshop or send us a message.

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