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Healthy sitting with Leitner Ergomöbel

Ergonomic furniture for many industries – flexible equipment for flexible people. Whether office, home office, living room, school, kindergarten, therapy or music: lead a healthy and moving life with high-quality ergonomic furniture from Leitner.

High functionality, simple design and dynamic ergonomics characterize seating furniture and tables from LEITNER ERGOMÖBEL. For about 30 years, the Innviertel-based leading company has been developing ergonomic furniture that meets the changing demands of professional and everyday life.

Sustainable and healthy sitting

Thanks to the modular design, the furniture can be individually configured and brings relief and movement to everyday sitting. The movement stools, standing aids and swivel chairs are used in kindergarten, school, office, music, therapy, etc. and have proven themselves over many years. The comprehensive range is supplemented by products from other manufacturers in addition to the company’s own developments.

Find the right seating for your application

Leitner ergo furniture for a healthy back.

Orchestra, music club

Sitting correctly during intensive work as the basis for your musical success

Kindergarden & Crèche

Relief for adults, fun for children thanks to perfect ergonomics

Music school

Easily adjust your seating to instrument and body size

School, after school care

Alternating sitting, standing and moving for better concentration


Wheel stools and swivel chairs: individually configurable, maneuverable, ergonomic

Home Office DELETE

With the stepless height adjustment, it is spontaneously adjustable for any body size and instrument.

Turn old into new. With warranty.

We refurbish your Leitner ergo furniture cost-effectively and sustainably with our refurbish package – so that you sit well for a long time.

Configure desire seating furniture ONLINE

With the product configurator you can easily create your swivel chair or motion stool according to your wishes. By entering the seat shape, cover fabric, column height and base design, your desired model is created. You can try and create to your heart's content.

2 weeks free trial sitting

Our chairs and stools are as individual as you are. To get you really excited about your optimal configuration, you can test our models for two weeks free of charge and without obligation. Take a seat and convince yourself - for the sake of your health!

Leitner quality

We place the highest demands on our products and vouch with our name for the best quality, most careful execution and comprehensive service. Leitner ergo furniture is subjected to comprehensive product and quality control. The GS certificate from TÜV Rheinland confirms that the products comply with safety regulations, meet high quality standards and are safe for health. Please contact our team in case of any defects such as transport damage or wear and tear of product parts.

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References and customer feedback

Our references show you how individual the requirements for ergonomic seating are. And how individually we implement them for you.

Sarah Kirchsteiger, Pixelfux e.U.
Sarah Kirchsteiger, Pixelfux e.U.
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"Thanks to the numerous adjustment options, the LeitnerVario is the perfect swivel chair for daily office work. In addition to the ergonomic advantages, the chair also makes something visually. I am thrilled with my new 'ergo furniture' piece and thank you for the extremely friendly advice."
Claudia Filsegger, Hausleitner & Schweitzer GmbH
Claudia Filsegger, Hausleitner & Schweitzer GmbH
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Height-adjustable tables, industrial swivel chairs and rocking stools at Hausleitner & Schweitzer GmbH The company Hausleitner & Schweitzer GmbH from Pichl near Wels was equipped by LEITNER ERGOMÖBEL with electrically height-adjustable tables, LeitnerVario swivel chairs and LeitnerWipp motion stools and standing aids: "Thanks to the team at LEITNER ERGOMÖBEL for the great planning and execution of our new height-adjustable desks and office furniture in the executive office. It is a real pleasure to be able to work "at all altitudes" now. Of course, the great LEITNER chairs are also in use here. At the desk there are now always 2 chairs that allow to change the posture more often during the day: On the one hand, the Leitner rocking stool in saddle design, which we have been using for years, and on the other hand, my LeitnerVario swivel chair in saddle design, which is equipped with a foot ring. When working in a standing position, we use the kyBounder standing mats, which are also part of the LEITNER range. It is always a pleasure to work together with LEITNER ERGOMÖBEL.
Rupert Hörbst, Graphic Design, Rainbach/O.Ö.
Rupert Hörbst, Graphic Design, Rainbach/O.Ö.
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LeitnerWipp motion stool promotes concentration and prevents back pain Illustrating and layout on the computer sometimes requires a lot of time - that is, hours of sitting at the computer. The rocking stool keeps me awake and alert and back pain no longer occurs. Without the stool I could no longer imagine working in the form, so I also purchased a second Leitner rocker for working with the pencil and watercolors.
Ursula Gehnböck, Health Work Schildorn
Ursula Gehnböck, Health Work Schildorn
Health work Schildorn
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LeitnerWipp in use by masseuse Ursula Gehnböck The subject of "prophylactic health" is very close to my heart, so I would like to write to you to thank you after many years of using the rocker seats. I purchased my rocker seats from you in 2002 and would not want to be without them from my private and especially professional environment in my practice. Many people ask me if I don't have any physical problems or limitations due to the many years of work, some of which are heavy. I can always deny this, and from my point of view, this is also due to a perfectly coordinated workplace that I have designed for myself. My rocker seats support me in what I do. I can turn, teeter (balance and find equilibrium), turn sideways (thus stretching) and a flowing treatment process (due to height adjustability) is ensured for me and my client. My working posture allows me to do something for my abdominal breathing, for my deep-seated muscles, for my energy circulatory system, for my overall uprightness, and most importantly, for the relief of my lumbar spine by sitting in an upright position. You try a lot of things when you have physical ailments or limitations until you really find the right one for your daily use. As a massage therapist, I am very skeptical with highly touted equipment, however, I am happy to recommend your products out of personal conviction and have numerous clients who are as thrilled with your dynamic seating as I am. I recommend dynamic sitting to anyone dealing with various orthopedic problems, postural problems, joint problems, or coordination problems. According to the motto "Are you still lounging or are you already sitting", I thank you and remain.
We are here for you with pleasure!

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