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LeitnerWipp with moveable base

The height-adjustable balancing stool

The LeitnerWipp is a sophisticated product developed according to therapeutic knowledge. It is adjustable in height and is equipped with a moveable base. Being able to move in all directions ensures an upright posture and allows dynamic working processes.

Dynamic and adjustable seating furniture
Special shaped concave base tips in all directions
Allows balancing around the body’s vertical axes
Infinite height adjustment system
Allows ideal sitting height for each activity and body height

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LeitnerWipp with five different height adjustable columns

The LeitnerWipp is recommended as an alternative seat. Please pay attention to the correct sitting position: Keep both feet on the ground and make sure that you sit as centrally as possible on the seat. Owing to its moveable base the LeitnerWipp allows great freedom of movement in all directions, e.g. tipping forward which supports an upright posture. It is up to you how much you would like to move but sitting on the LeitnerWipp will definitely change your daily sitting routine. Please be aware that active
sitting can cause sore muscles at the beginning. This is a normal reaction to activity and your body will adapt very quickly to the new movment.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Wide range of height adjustment. Lift the lever on the right hand side and position the seat to the desired height. The gas spring column is tested for safety and is available in five heights. The total height depends on the choice of the base and seat.

WSK = from 29 to 45 cm
WS1 = from 34 to 53 cm
WS2 = from 44 to 68 cm
WS3 = from 51 to 82 cm
WS4 = from 58 to 91 cm

SEATS: Round polyurethane seat “RP” Ø 35 cm, upholstered round seat “R” Ø 35 cm, saddle shaped seat “S”. The shape of the saddle seat supports the pelvis and encourages an upright posture while providing best freedom for your legs.

BASE: Movable metal (black, white, grey) or wooden (multi-layer) base Ø 40 cm, with felt and/or rubber floor protectors to prevent slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces and avoid pinching between the base and the floor.

Additional Information

Weight ca. 6-9 kg
Shipping time on request
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Jahre (Garantiebedingungen)

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