Configure your desired seating-furniture in the LEITNER ERGO-SHOP!

This site is currently under construction. We are working hard to get the english translation done.

Currently our Online-Shop is activated for shipment to Austria and Germany only and is not entirely translated into English yet. We are working on the translation. If you have any problems in understanding the german expressions then don't hesitate to contact us via E-Mail, we support you with the ordering process and make shipment possible for you (E-Mail: office(at); phone: +43 7754 3137-0). The best way to tell us what product you want is to send us a screenshot from our Online-Shop. You can make a screenshot easily by clicking on the screenshot button on the left side of the screen or by following these steps:

  1. Put together your desired stool
  2. Press the button "print" on the keyboard
  3. Open your E-Mail Client (Outlook, Thunderbird or else)
  4. Click the right mouse button and "paste" to insert the screenshot in your e-mail