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ScuolaBox sit/stand desk, height adjustable, tiltable


The mobile school desk


Easy and quick height adjustment (gas lift)
S tanding/sitting with inclined or flat work surface
Includes school bag hook and integrated rollers

Product data sheet

Safety certified by TÜV-Rheinland:

  • *Tischhöhe

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An individual table – light, mobile and meeting the requirements of school operation – and an independent storage system are the basic elements of ScuolaBox. With ScuolaBox, the school room can be individually designed and quickly adapted to the teaching needs. With the mobile material boxes (on request) the student chooses his workstation and sets it up quickly and silently according to his personal needs.

Made by Novex

Table height recommendations:

SB 1 (56-81 cm) as adaptable seat desk (for pupils 6 – 8 years)
SB 2 (68-103 cm) as adaptable sitting/standing desk (for pupils up to 10 years)
SB 3 (73-108 cm) as adaptable sit/stand desk (for teenagers and adults)

This height adjustable standing desk is also popular as an adaptable and mobile PC workstation at home and in the office
(table height SB 3).

Additional information


32 kg



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