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Musician chair LeitnerVarioStabil

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The adaptable musician chair

Active sitting improves the concentration during rehearsals enormously. The consequence of this is an improved quality of musical performance. The LeitnerVario Stabil supports active musicians in terms of posture, breathing and endurance, so that even ambitious music making is possible over a longer period of time.

Ergonomically shaped seat XXL
Backrest height adjustable
S eat surface, seat height and inclination individually adjustable

Product data sheet
Product sheet musician chair LeitnerVarioStabil


Musician’s chair LeitnerVarioStabil – adaptable and functional

To meet the special requirements and individual needs of musicians, the LeitnerVarioStabil model was developed with a particularly flat base plate for optimum legroom.

The LeitnerVarioStabil is a combination of the proven LeitnerVario model and the tried and tested LeitnerStabil musician’s stool, which is already being used successfully in numerous music schools, music clubs and orchestras. Seat height, seat inclination and the inclination of the backrest can be adjusted individually.

The Lohnsburg Music Association has been making music on Leitner chairs for many years. The new music rehearsal room in Lohnsburg was equipped with 72 LeitnerVarioStabil stools in 2014. “The active sitting improves the concentration during rehearsals enormously,” as Kapellmeister Gottfried Reisegger confirms.

Seat: “XXL” 44 x 43 cm, ergonomically upholstered and adjustable in inclination
Backrest: 31 x 42 cm, height adjustable, inclination either fixed adjustable or permanent contact
Available in 2 heights: continuously height adjustable approx. 39 – 52 cm (lift height 1) or approx. 49 – 67 cm (lift height 2)
Lift column: black incl. Plastic cladding
Base: fixed metal base black Ø 40 cm, extra flat design for optimal legroom, felt floor protector

Additional information

Weight 14 kg