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DreamTeam Home Set: desk Eliot + standing aid LeitnerWipp


DreamTeam Home – for more activity in the home office

Not only visually the perfect match – the electrically height-adjustable Eliot desk with brown wood-look cover and the LeitnerWipp in sand-colored beige simply fit together perfectly. The desk height can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. The flexible standing aid makes all changes lovingly!

The LeitnerWipp is suitable for all seat heights, but unfolds its true potential especially in higher positions. The movable base plate allows the body to be tilted slightly forward, and the specially shaped saddle seat provides plenty of leg room and supports an open hip angle. In this position, the back automatically straightens. This posture is especially beneficial for the intervertebral discs.

Optimally suited for:

The DreamTeam Home is designed for those who love to be flexible and active, and like to change the working position in between. In addition, for those who like to decorate their workplace homely and creative. Well suited for home offices, agile offices and co-working spaces, or anywhere different people share a desk.


The Eliot desk: smart design and smart features

Eliot height adjustable desk is universal. The 3-segment round column contains two powerful motors, allowing the table height of min. 65 cm and max. 130 cm can be adjusted. The height adjustment is stepless, jerk-free, fast and quiet and with a safe collision protection. In addition, all technical components are TÜV certified.

Product details:

  • Size of the table top: 140x70cm, other sizes on request
  • Height range: 65 – 130 cm
  • Load capacity of the table top: max. 80 kg
  • Noise level: lower than 50 dB(A)
  • Adjustment speed: 35mm / second fast

Movement stool LeitnerWipp

The LeitnerWipp is recommended as a dynamic, adaptable piece of seating furniture, whereby care must be taken to sit correctly, centering the seat and supporting it with both feet on the floor. It is designed to be self-moving, giving the user the greatest freedom of movement. The specially shaped base plate makes it possible to teeter and balance in all directions. The front “rocker” position primarily facilitates an upright posture. Circling and turning in all directions brings optimal variety to your everyday sitting. Sitting in a mobile way strengthens the muscles, which may initially be noticeable as “muscle soreness”.

  • Height adjustment: Easy and generous regulation of the seat height. Push up the lever under the seat and adjust your individual seat height steplessly:
    • Lift height/seat height WS2 = from approx. 47- 65 cm
  • Seat: saddle seat 39×35 cm
  • Base: Movable base plate, metal white, Ø 40 cm
  • Tip: For a change of location, it is recommended to lift the LeitnerWipp from the floor (do not pull the stool on the floor!), so that a long durability of the protective profile can be guaranteed.
  • Fabric collection: COMFORT microfiber from Gabriel (particularly soft, cuddly and easy to clean)

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