The LeitnerHoc is a very versatile swivel stool. It is adjustable in height and comes either with a round seat or with a saddle seat. If you want a stool for sitting, higher sitting and semi-standing we recommend the model with the saddle seat.


The swivel chair LeitnerTwist is very versatile and flexible. The small backrest supports your back exactly where you need it and allows for great freedom of movement.

The saddle seat is ideally suited for higher sitting positions and  semi-standing.


Regarding versatility the LeitnerVario can be compared with the LeitnerTwist. The LeitnerVario is, however, additionally equipped with a seat inclination system to adjust seat and back rest. The back rest is larger than that of LeitnerTwist and adapts perfectly to your back. The LeitnerVario comes either with a saddle seat which is ideal for all sitting positions including higher sitting or a square seat which is suited for lower sitting positions e.g. at non-height adjustable desks.


The LeitnerWipp is adjustable in height and is equipped with a movable base. Being able to move in all directions ensures an upright posture and allows for dynamic working processes. Suited for counters, laboratories, desks or at the massage table. The LeitnerWipp is available with five different height adjustable columns reaching from 31 to 98 cm in height.


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Ergonomic seating solutions for physical and massage therapists, physicians and patients

Versatility and flexibility are the main characteristics of the swivel stool LeitnerHoc and the swivel chairs LeitnerTwist and LeitnerVario.
All models are equipped with soft castors for hard floors.

The balancing stool LeitnerWipp is more than just a stool. It is a kind of training tool that improves mobility and is suitable for rehabilitation for both therapy and home exercises. Orthopedists and therapists recommend active sitting and balancing to strengthen the muscles and improve the coordinative skills.