kyBounder – The rebounding cushion

The kyBounder is a soft, cushiony mat. Its secret lies in the fast-rebounding pores of its special polyurethane. The soft elastic structure naturally forces the foot and leg muscles to move in continuous, subtle action to maintain balance and posture. This results in a unique concept of standing upright, that zeroes-in on the deep lying muscle tissue and trains the intramuscular coordination, as well as the sensory-motor functions, in a simple and effective way.

Different than conventional PVC-Mats

The kyBounder material is based on high-quality multi-component Polyurethane. Contrary to conventional exercise-and-therapy mats made with PVC, the kybun PU mat remains elastic and soft, will not crack, and will not turn brittle even after long-term usage. Unlike most PVC materials, PU does not negatively influence the ozone. The kyBounder is made in Switzerland.


Increased concentration in the classroom

Sitting dominates our daily life. It begins in childhood, is reinforced at school, and later at work. The best way to positively impact these restrictive structures and limiting behaviors in the formative years is by adding movement and vitality to the school day – and we mean not in the schoolyard but in the classroom!

The kyBounder – a revolutionary mat that makes every day healthier – simulates soft, flexible flooring.  Even just the act of standing and balancing on kyBounder activates the muscles and stimulates the brain.  Scientific studies confirm that doing a moderate sport-like activity while studying or doing homework makes it easier to do and can increase IQ. On the other hand, passive sitting reduces concentration and leads to a deficit in the intake of information. The kyBounder also reduces school-related stress and supports good posture.